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Through our Vertical Earth internship program, we are blessed to be able to support our younger generation with opportunities to learn and grow their interest in the construction industry. We are seeking energetic interns who desire hands-on experience under the mentorship of our experienced team. With flexible hours available, Vertical Earth also offers “Earn While You Learn” programs to advance your career. Do you have the passion for a career in construction? We can make it happen.

  • High school and college positions available
  • Tuition reimbursement opportunity for college interns
  • Wide range of Internships available, including: Accounting, Human Resources, Estimating, Project Coordination (office), and Project Management (field)

Career Path

The preconstruction estimator’s role is to estimate work required for particular public and private construction projects by gathering proposals, blueprints, specifications, and related documents.  They will estimate labor, material, and time requirements in order to be able to compute the overall cost of a project.

The role of a Project Manager (PM) or Assistant Project Manager (APM) is to work with senior management and superintendents to oversee the day-to-day onsite operations for individual construction projects from preconstruction through the close-out phase.  This includes but is not limited to: procuring, scheduling, and the directing of work crews, equipment, subcontractors, and materials.  The PM/APM must be able to construct projects in accordance with construction designs, plans, and specifications while complying with the established scope, schedule, and budget.  They must also be able to work with key stakeholders providing updates and resolution to project issues.

The Field Engineer’s primary responsibility is to support the Superintendent in optimizing jobsite efficiency. This includes supervising field crews, implementing safety and quality control programs, recording quantities, managing the construction schedule, coordinating with inspectors, completing surveys/layouts and gaining valuable experience in project engineering and management for professional growth. In this role the Field Engineer will receive Worksite Erosion Control Supervisor (WECS) & Blue Card training. 

Administrative positions at Vertical Earth may include positions in Human Resources, Accounting, Project Coordination and our Shop. These roles may vary by position. 

To inspect, service, and maintain a range of heavy-duty construction equipment and vehicles.  A mechanic will be responsible for driving to job sites, inspecting engines and equipment, carrying out services, conducting repairs, and providing routing maintenance to the construction fleet.
Welders in this field must be proficient in working with thick metal materials and using specialized welding techniques to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the equipment. They may need to repair or fabricate components such as buckets, booms, frames, and other parts of heavy machinery. Attention to detail, precision, and knowledge of different welding methods are essential for heavy equipment welders to effectively perform their job duties.

Survey positions at Vertical Earth may include positions in Survey Party Chief, Instrument- man, and CAD Tech. These roles may vary by position

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