Civil Sitework

When Vertical Earth is approached regarding a development project, our clients expect not only an earthwork contractor with a significant investment in their fleet of equipment, a contractor with the latest technology in GPS guided grade control equipment, licensed and specialized crews with the experience to construct all elements of the project from underground utilities to concrete elements, but a team that understands what determines success. With our team of career minded constructors, identifying and embracing the project challenges drives them to make each project a success. With this attitude, we build more than projects, we build trust.


Our emphasis on quality, safety and innovation distinguishes us and results in better projects for our clients and their users. Vertical Earth excels at road and highway projects, which often include complicated phasing, detailed traffic control, complex utility relocations, and extensive public involvement, and a large scope to manage.From intersection improvements, highway expansion, bike and pedestrian trails, to airport and rail construction, Vertical Earth deploys the assets to achieve success for our clients.


Vertical Earth offers the quarry and recycling industry our services for Over Burden Removal, Stripping, Contract Mining, and Contract Crushing and Recycling.  While a quarry environment brings challenges, the tough-mindedness and adaptability that Vertical Earth is known for exceeds those challenges.  Bringing our late model production equipment to a site, we can offer increased uptime and higher productivity.  These services allow our clients to minimize their capital expenses while focusing on inventory control and sales, increasing their bottom line. Clients are finding that our mobile crushing and screening operation allows materials that may have been either considered wasted or hauled away to a landfill become a usable product, oftentimes with a higher value than they expected.  With an expanding footprint in this segment, Vertical Earth is ready to mobilize, whether for a short term project or a multi-year contract.


While our company history is rich with millions of square feet of successful retaining walls across the Southeastern United States, we continue to build more than structures as we build the trust of clients throughout the public and private sectors. While we offer extensive turnkey site development and construction, we continue to have a passion to deliver design-build and bid-build solutions for modular retaining walls, reinforced slopes (RSS), soil nail walls, tieback walls, panel walls, gravity blocks, Gravix walls, concrete retaining walls, box culverts, detention ponds, H-pile walls, permanent and temporary shoring solutions, and many other types of structures.


Vertical Earth’s geotechnical services bring value to small and large scale shoring needs. We offer a wide variety of design-build and bid-build options for soil nail walls, tie-back walls, H-pile walls and helical piers for any client’s permanent and temporary shoring needs.


Vertical Earth’s contract crushing and screening services offer clients the opportunity to take materials that may be considered waste or haul off and turn them into a useable product on site, potentially saving on costly export and import expenses. With an expanding footprint in this space, Vertical Earth is ready to mobilize, whether for a short-term or multi-year contract.

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